What Others Say About Us

We are a passionate waste management agency that specializes
in all kind of waste management.

Gowasteline is tackling the waste epidemic and sanitation. This is needed as the earth experiences change in its climate mostly caused by pollution, the devastating effects of climate change are undeniable. I admire their efforts in turning organic waste to home cooking gas and polythene to pavement tiles. Leveraging on the spirit of Innovative Volunteerism Gowasteline Companies teamed up with willing partners and organized one of the biggest ever Waste-Expo 2020 for secondary school students and youths across Nigeria. This was a timely event which showcased that despite the challenges we face, we can seize the window of opportunity to retool youth skills so they can start recycling plastic waste into useful products like paving bricks and many others to ensure cleaner air, climate resilience and a healthier environment are unmissable. I have witnessed their work and I say job well done for turning waste to wealth for thousands of youths in Nigeria and beyond.

Ending plastic waste is ambitious and achievable through innovative and impactful solutions. Gowasteline is in forefront of making it work, and has done incredibly well by turning waste to wealth. Thank you for your impact in our community.

Vitus Odinaka L. CEOVlarge Empire Limited

“Gowasteline is dedicated in promoting the recirculation of organic waste from industries and households into Biogas for cooking. This is a good initiative because embracing green energy source in form of electricity and heat for the local grid should be the new normal “ .

Isibor Aigbe.

Gowasteline Companies is helping to create climate leaders by encouraging us to think creatively about recycling techniques. They are saving thousands of pounds of plastic from finding their way into the Atlantic Ocean by connecting with the local community. I feel proud to have witnessed their work.☺️

Alexa Dean

Gowastline Companies is indeed a tool and channel for environmental protection in Nigeria. You have so much inspired and impacted the lives of Nigeria youths including myself. I am pleased to inform that, your good work as a wast management and recycling company will not only create jobs for youth in our country but will also help in maintaining good and conducive environment for all.


Gowasteline Companies is indeed an inspiration to youths not only in Nigeria but beyond. You have impacted many lives across the globe through your online waste to wealth training programmes. I'm impressed. More of it 👏.

Abel Michael Success.

Being under the tutelage of Gowasteline has further increased my conviction that waste is actually a resource we can use to turn around our income and environment for good.

Iminabo Austen-Okoroafor (Support for Mankind Dev. Initiative)