Exclusive Services

Estate Waste Management.

We manage all estate waste both for individuals and estate as a whole. Our collection system is twice a week.

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Plastic Pavement tiles

It is proven that plastic Pavement tiles are more durable than the cement bricks. Our raw material is 100% waste.

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Company Waste Management

We handle all company waste and sanitation

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Biogas Home Installation

Making biogas from organic material is a good way to manage potentially harmful organic wastes. Cooking with biogas does not produce smoke so it is ideal for the home, and it reduces the need to cut down trees for firewood. The digested slurry can be used wet or dry as a valuable soil conditioner, reducing the need for chemical fertilisers.

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Skills Acquisition programme

Our skills acquisition programme is specially designed to retool skills by turning "Waste to Gain". So far, hundreds of households have benefited direct/indirect from our programmes. Our annually target is to train 10,000 households on how to recycle and turn waste to wealth.

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Collectible Waste

Plastic Bottle Waste (PET)

Aluminum Can Containers

Used Paper

Used/New Cartons

Plastic and Lid Covers

Plastic Tables, Chairs, Buckets etc.

Sachet Water Nylons

Low Density Polyethylene

Glass Bottles