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A Bit About Us
Gowasteline Companies is a waste management and recycling company whose
vision is to help communities reclaim their neighbourhoods from unmanaged waste,
by campaigning for zero waste, organizing talks on environment, sanitation and climate action
Gowasteline is a for-profit social enterprise that campaigns and promotes environmental sustainability, socioeconomic development, and community health by providing convenient recycling services in densely populated urban neighborhoods and rural communities, using a fleet of low-cost cargo bikes. Making a difference to the environment is incredibly important to us; we are on a mission to take care of our earth, even though we think everyone should be about this mission as we do not have a planet-B. We have structured and incentivise the handling of waste by giving households a chance to generate value from their waste and provide a reliable supply of raw material to the local recycling industry. Gowasteline is a multi recycling firm of all kinds of waste.

Our Motivation


Our motivation stems from the changing climate and the challenges we might face if we do not take care of our sacred earth. This is important because according to a World Bank report, Africa produces about 70 million tons of waste every year, and with its rapid urbanisation and growing economies, waste production in Africa will exceed 160 million tons by the years 2025. This is a huge problem because waste causes pollution, disease and environmental crisis when it is not properly disposed. The good news is, most of the waste produced in Africa can be recycled and reused to create new products. Sadly, only 10% of the waste generated everyday in our communities are collected, the rest usually ends up in illegal dump sites, gutters and drainages.
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Our Vision

Our Vision

To become the leading giant of waste management and recycling in Africa and to establish the practice of zero waste in every home.

Our Mission

Our mission is to take care of our earth, even though we believe everyone should be about this mission as we do not have a planet B.

Our Mission

Our mission is to take care of our earth, even though we believe everyone should be about this mission as we do not have a planet B.

Exclusive Solution

Environmental Problems & Our Profound Solutions

Refuse disposal is one of the major environmental problems that developing countries are faced with. Health hazard, traffic congestion, unsightliness, unpleasantness and blockage of drainages are some of the problems caused by the lack of efficient waste management practice in Nigeria. Placing emphasis on promoting the reduction, reuse, recycling, recovery and repair of waste has been a critical aspect of the sustainable waste management agenda. It is believed that education is the bedrock of every sustainable development. Gowasteline Companies having cognisance of the environmental degradation state, have initiated a project under her umbrella called "Zero waste campaign" which allows residents (waste subscribers) to turn in their plastic waste and other solid waste to us on daily basis. We have created value in the people about what we used to call waste but now wealth.

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Our Structure

Partnering with local organizations to improve the health, environment and livelihoods of people without waste services. Building the skills of local people to deliver practical solutions to the waste management crisis in their own communities. Awareness of the benefits of proper waste management and campaigning for greater change. We work to amplify the participation of youths in climate action and create an ecosystem of leaders that positively impact climate change. Making a difference to the environment is incredibly important to us as an organization.

Our Aims and Objectives

* To advance the scientific, technical and practical aspects of wastes and resource management worldwide for the safeguarding of the natural environment.

* To promote education, training, and research in wastes and resource management, and the dissemination of knowledge of the topic.

* To engage the participation of all gender and ethnic in serving our communities from waste epidemic.

* To Our achieve zero waste consciousness and practice in all citizenry and residents in of Africa.

* To retool our waste management skills and talents to wealth creation.

Corporate Services

Guaranteed that all of your universal waste management is performed safely and responsibly.

Convenient Pickup

We offer business pickup services to safely recycle your electronics in a safe manner.

E-waste Events

We work with non-profits, businesses, and other organizations to host community e-waste events.

What Others Say About Us

We are a passionate waste management agency that specializes
in all kind of waste management.

Ending plastic waste is ambitious and achievable through innovative and impactful solutions. Gowasteline is in forefront of making it work, and has done incredibly well by turning waste to wealth. Thank you for your impact in our community.

Vitus Odinaka L. CEOVlarge Empire Limited

“Gowasteline is dedicated in promoting the recirculation of organic waste from industries and households into Biogas for cooking. This is a good initiative because embracing green energy source in form of electricity and heat for the local grid should be the new normal “ .

Isibor Aigbe.

Gowasteline Companies is helping to create climate leaders by encouraging us to think creatively about recycling techniques. They are saving thousands of pounds of plastic from finding their way into the Atlantic Ocean by connecting with the local community. I feel proud to have witnessed their work.☺️

Alexa Dean

Gowastline Companies is indeed a tool and channel for environmental protection in Nigeria. You have so much inspired and impacted the lives of Nigeria youths including myself. I am pleased to inform that, your good work as a wast management and recycling company will not only create jobs for youth in our country but will also help in maintaining good and conducive environment for all.


Gowasteline Companies is indeed an inspiration to youths not only in Nigeria but beyond. You have impacted many lives across the globe through your online waste to wealth training programmes. I'm impressed. More of it 👏.

Abel Michael Success.

Being under the tutelage of Gowasteline has further increased my conviction that waste is actually a resource we can use to turn around our income and environment for good.

Iminabo Austen-Okoroafor (Support for Mankind Dev. Initiative)

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CEO / Co-Founder

Our Founder

I'm a social activist, environmental educator, climate change communicator and a SDGs ambassador working to help communities reclaim their neighbourhoods from unmanaged waste, by organising talks on environment, sanitation and climate action. Making a difference to the environment is incredibly important to me.

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